Conference Schedule

Please note: exact timing is subject to change. The final program for the main conference schedule will be posted prior to the Early Bird Deadline.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Time Session A Session B Session C Session D Session E
7:30 AM Registration
8:30 AM Welcome and opening remarks
8:45 AM Keynote introduction
9:00 AM Keynote: Professor Shane Dawson, University of South Australia, Australia
10:00 AM Morning tea
Morning sessions 10:30 AM Session 1A: Co-designing Learning Analytics Session 1B: Blended Learning Session 1C: Dashboards and Visualisations Session 1D: Cognitive Psychology Session 1E: Keynote Discussion and Panel
Full research paper 1A-1 (30 min): “LA-DECK: A card-based learning analytics co-design tool by Carlos Gerardo Prieto Alvarez, Simon Buckingham Shum and Roberto Martinez-Maldonado
Full research paper 1B-1 (30 min): “Analyzing the consistency in within-activity learning patterns in blended learning by Varshita Sher, Marek Hatala and Dragan Gasevic
Full research paper 1C-1 (30 min): “Comparing Teachers’ Use of Mirroring and Advising Dashboards by Anouschka van Leeuwen and Nikol Rummel
Full research paper 1D-1 (30 min): “DAS3H: Modeling Student Learning and Forgetting for Optimally Scheduling Distributed Practice of Skills by Benoît Choffin, Fabrice Popineau, Yolaine Bourda, Jill-Jênn Vie
EDM’19 best paper
Keynote QA 1E-1 (30 min): Professor Shane Dawson
Practitioner report 1A-2 (20 min): “Engaging Students as Co-Designers of Learning Analytics by Juan Pablo Sarmiento, Fabio Campos and Alyssa Wise
Best practitioner report nominee
Short research paper 1B-2 (20 min): “Evaluating Teachers’ Perceptions of Students’ Questions Organization by Fatima Harrak, François Bouchet, Vanda Luengo and Pierre Gillois
Short research paper 1C-2 (20 min): “Learning analytics dashboards: the past, the present and the future by Katrien Verbert, Xavier Ochoa, Robin De Croon, Raphael Dourado and Tinne De Laet
Short research paper 1D-2 (20 min): “Trace Data from Student Solutions to Genetics Problems Reveals Variance in the Processes Related to Different Course Outcomes by Melanie Peffer, David Quigley, Liza Brusman, Jennifer Avena and Jennifer Knight
Panel 1E-2 (60 min): Details TBA
Full research paper 1A-3 (30 min): “Inspiration Cards Workshops with Teachers in Early Co-Design Stages of Learning Analytics by Yvonne Vezzoli, Manolis Mavrikis and Asimina Vasalou
Full research paper 1B-3 (30 min): “Predicting Student Success in a Blended Learning Environment by Steven Van Goidsenhoven, Daria Bogdanova, Galina Deeva, Seppe Vanden Broucke, Jochen De Weerdt and Monique Snoeck
Short research paper 1C-3 (20 min): “Automated Insightful Drill-Down Recommendations for Learning Analytics Dashboards by Shiva Shabaninejad, Hassan Khosravi, Marta Indulska, Aneesha Bakharia and Pedro Isaias
Best short research paper nominee
Full research paper 1D-3 (30 min): “How working memory capacity limits success in self-directed learning: a cognitive model of search and concept formation by Paul Seitlinger, Abida Bibi, Õnne Uus and Tobias Ley
12:00 PM Lunch
Early afternoon sessions 1:00 PM Session 2A: Tools & Infrastructures Session 2B: Participatory Design of Learning Analytics Session 2C: Learning Approaches Session 2D: Community of Inquiry Model
Practitioner report 2A-1 (20 min): “Building a data warehouse for multimodal learning analytics research projects by Vlatko Lukarov, Matthias Ehlenz and Ulrik Schroeder
Short research paper 2B-1 (20 min): “Involving teachers in learning analytics design: Lessons learned from two case studies by Konstantinos Michos, Charles Lang, Davinia Hernández-Leo and Detra Price-Dennis
Short research paper 2C-1 (20 min): “Exploring Student Approaches to Learning through Sequence Analysis of Reading Logs by Gökhan Akçapınar, Mei-Rong Alice Chen, Rwitajit Majumdar, Brendan Flanagan and Hiroaki Ogata
Short research paper 2D-1 (20 min): “Dialogue attributes that inform depth and quality of participation in student discussion forums by Elaine Farrow, Johanna Moore and Dragan Gasevic
Best short research paper nominee
Short research paper 2A-2 (20 min): “Fostering and Supporting Empirical Research on Evaluative Judgement via a Crowdsourced Adaptive Learning System by Hassan Khosravi, George Gyamfi, Barbara Hanna and Jason Lodge
Best short research paper nominee
Practitioner report 2B-2 (20 min): “For Evidence-Based Class Design with Learning Analytics: A Proposal of Preliminary Practice Flow Model in High School by Satomi Hamada, Yufan Xu, Xuewang Geng, Chen Li, Hiroaki Ogata, Atsushi Shimada and Masanori Yamada
Short research paper 2C-2 (20 min): “Slow is Good: The Effect of Diligence on Student Performance inthe Case of an Adaptive Learning System for Health Literacy by Leon Fadljević, Katharina Maitz, Dominik Kowald, Viktoria Pammer-Schindler and Barbara Gasteiger-Klicpera
Short research paper 2D-2 (20 min): “Towards automated analysis of cognitive presence in MOOC discussions: a manual classification study by Yuanyuan Hu, Claire Donald, Nasser Giacaman and Zexuan Zhu
Practitioner report 2A-3 (20 min): “Implementing an attrition model at scale by Amelia Brennan, Andras Nemes, Jeevan Pokhrel, Cameron Doyle, Vishesh Jain and David McLay
Best practitioner report nominee
Practitioner report 2B-3 (20 min): “Why clicks are not enough: designing a Learning Analytics service for the Estonian Open Educational Resources ecosystem by Kairit Tammets, Tobias Ley, Mart Laanpere and Manisha Khulbe
Short research paper 2C-3 (20 min): “Decoding the Performance in an Out-of-Context Problem during Blocked Practice by Sweety Agrawal and Amar Lalwani
Full research paper 2D-3 (30 min): “Towards Automatic Content Analysis of Social Presence in Transcripts of Online Discussions by Máverick Ferreira, Vitor Rolim, Rafael Ferreira Mello, Rafael Lins, Guanliang Chen and Dragan Gasevic
Short research paper 2A-4 (20 min): “Smart Dictionary for E-book Reading Analytics by Louis Lecailliez, Brendan Flanagan, Alice Mei-Rong Chen and Hiroaki Ogata
Short research paper 2B-4 (20 min): “Learning-centred Translucence: an Approach to Understand How Teachers’ Talk About Classroom Data by Rita Prestigiacomo, Roger Hadgraft, Jane Hunter, Lori Lockyer, Simon Knight, Elise van den Hoven and Roberto Martinez Maldonado
Short research paper 2C-4 (20 min): “Exploring exam strategies of successful first year engineering students by Jakub Kužílek, Zdenek Zdrahal, Jonas Vaclavek, Viktor Fuglik and Jan Skočilas
2:30 PM Afternoon tea
Late afternoon sessions 3:00 PM Session 3A: Self-regulated Learning Session 3B: Curriculum Analytics Session 3C: Social Learning Session 3D: Novel Uses of Learning Analytics
Full research paper 3A-1 (30 min): “Analytics of Learning Strategies: the Association with the Personality Traits by Wannisa Matcha, Dragan Gasevic, Jelena Jovanovic, Nora Ayu Ahmad Uzir, Chris W Oliver, Andrew Murray and Danijela Gasevic
Best full research paper nominee
Full research paper 3B-1 (30 min): “Towards Skills-based Curriculum Analytics: Can we automate the recognition of prior learning? by Kirsty Kitto, Nikhil Sarathy, Aleksandr Gromov, Ming Liu, Katarzyna Musial and Simon Buckingham Shum
Full research paper 3C-1 (30 min): “Intergroup and Interpersonal Forum Positioning in Shared-Thread and Post-Reply Networks by Oleksandra Poquet and Jelena Jovanovic
Full research paper 3D-1 (30 min): “Measuring Engagement in Child-Robot Interaction by Yanghee Kim, Sachit Butail, Michael Tscholl, Lichuan Liu and Yunlong Wang
Practitioner report 3A-2 (20 min): “Effects of In-class and Out-of-class Learning Behaviors on Learning Performance and Self-regulated Learning Awareness by Li Chen, Yoshiko Goda, Atsushi Shimada and Masanori Yamada
Practitioner report 3B-2 (20 min): “Text analysis for curriculum review: A learning analytics for learning design use case by Leah P. Macfadyen
Best practitioner report nominee
Short research paper 3C-2 (20 min): “Towards Understanding the Lifespan and Spread of Ideas: Epidemiological Modeling of Participation on Twitter by Sai Santosh Sasank Peri, Bodong Chen, Angela Liegey Dougall and George Siemens
Short research paper 3D-2 (20 min): “The SEIRA approach: course embedded activities to promote academic integrity and literacies in first year Engineering by Andrea Duff, Andrew Zamecnik, Abelardo Pardo and Elizabeth Smith
Full research paper 3A-3 (30 min): “Supporting actionable intelligence: Reframing the analysis of observed study strategies by Jelena Jovanovic, Shane Dawson, Srecko Joksimovic and George Siemens
Short research paper 3B-3 (20 min): “Design of a Curriculum Analytics Tool to Support Continuous Improvement Processes in Higher Education by Isabel Hilliger, Camila Aguirre, Constanza Miranda, Sergio Celis and Mar Pérez-Sanagustín
Best short research paper nominee
Short research paper 3C-3 (20 min): “Socio-Temporal Dynamics in Peer Interaction Events by Bodong Chen and Oleksandra Poquet
Short research paper 3D-3 (20 min): “Learning with Background Music: A Field Experiment by Fanjie Li, Xiao Hu and Ying Que
4:30 PM Networking session
6:00 PM Poster & Demo Reception

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Time Session A Session B Session C Session D Session E
7:30 AM Registration
8:30 AM Opening remarks
8:45 AM Keynote introduction
9:00 AM Keynote: Professor Professor Milena Tsvetkova, London School of Economics and Political Science, The United Kingdom
10:00 AM Morning tea
Morning sessions 10:30 AM Session 4A: Collaborative Problem Solving Session 4B: Institutional Adoption Session 4C: Video Analytics Session 4D: Intelligent Tutoring Systems Session 4E: Keynote Discussion and Panel
Full research paper 4A-1 (30 min): “Focused or Stuck Together: Multimodal Patterns Reveal Triads’ Performance in Collaborative Problem Solving by Hana Vrzakova, Angela Stewart, Mary Jean Amon, Nicholas Duran and Sidney K. D’Mello
Best full research paper nominee
Full research paper 4B-1 (30 min): “The privacy paradox and its implications for learning analytics by Yi-Shan Tsai, Alexander Whitelock-Wainwright and Dragan Gašević
Full research paper 4C-1 (30 min): “Exploring the Usage of Thermal Imaging for Understanding Video Lecture Designs and Students’ Experiences by Namrata Srivastava, Sadia Nawaz, Jason Lodge, Eduardo Velloso, Sarah M. Erfani and James Bailey
Full research paper 4D-1 (30 min): “The relationship between confusion and metacognitive strategies in Betty’s Brain by Yingbin Zhang, Luc Paquette, Ryan Baker, Jaclyn Ocumpaugh, Nigel Bosch, Anabil Munshi and Gautam Biswas
Keynote QA 4E-1 (30 min): Professor Milena Tsvetkova
Full research paper 4A-2 (30 min): “iSENS: An Integrated Approach to Combining Epistemic and Social Network Analyses by Zachari Swiecki and David Williamson Shaffer
Full research paper 4B-2 (30 min): “Perceptions and expectations about Learning Analytics from a Brazilian Higher Education Institution by Taciana Pontual, Rafael Ferreira Mello, Rodrigo Lins, Juliana Diniz, Yi-Shan Tsai and Dragan Gasevic
Full research paper 4C-2 (30 min): “Is Faster Better? A Study of Video Playback Speed by David Lang, Guanliang Chen, Kathy Mirzaei and Andreas Paepcke
Full research paper 4D-2 (30 min): “A Bayesian Model of Individual Differences and Flexibility in Inductive Reasoning for Categorization of Examples by Louis Faucon, Jennifer K. Olsen and Pierre Dillenbourg
Panel 4E-2 (60 min): Details TBA
Short research paper 4A-3 (20 min): “High resolution temporal network analysis to understand and improve collaborative learning by Mohammed Saqr and Jalal Nouri
Practitioner report 4B-3 (20 min): “Using the Behaviour Change Wheel for Learning Analytics adoption by Hazel Jones
Short research paper 4C-3 (20 min): “Modelling Collaborative Problem-solving Competence with Transparent Learning Analytics: Is Video Data Enough? by Mutlu Cukurova, Qi Zhou, Daniel Spikol and Lorenzo Landolfi
Best short research paper nominee
Practitioner report 4D-3 (20 min): “Evaluation and application of intelligent tutoring system Take Smart Learning Partner for example by Ning Liu
12:00 PM Lunch and SoLAR Annual General Meeting
Early afternoon sessions 1:30 PM Session 5A: New Domains Session 5B: Personalised Dashboards Session 5C: Course Recommender Systems Session 5D: New Methodologies
Full research paper 5A-1 (30 min): “Learning to Represent Healthcare Providers Knowledge of Neonatal Emergency Care by Timothy Tuti, Chris Paton and Niall Winters
Best full research paper nominee
Full research paper 5B-1 (30 min): “Personalized Visualizations to Promote Young Learners’ SRL by Inge Molenaar, Anne Horvers, Rick Dijkstra and Ryan Baker
Full research paper 5C-1 (30 min): “Designing for Serendipity in a Course Recommendation System by Zach Pardos and Weijie Jiang
Full research paper 5D-1 (30 min): “Bringing Posting Activity back into Forum Networks: Null Models for Forum Interactions by Oleksandra Poquet, Liubov Tupikina and Marc Santolini
Practitioner report 5A-2 (20 min): “Learning Analytics Applied in Commercial Aviation: Our Use Cases, Obstacles, and Help Needed From Academia by Liz Gehr and Laurie Dunagan
Full research paper 5B-2 (30 min): “Students’ Differences Matter: Examining Patterns for Academic Achievement and Metacognitive Behaviors in Dashboard Use by Fatemeh Salehian Kia, Stephanie Teasley, Marek Hatala, Stuart Karabenick and Matthew Kay
Short research paper 5C-2 (20 min): “Complementing Educational Recommender Systems with Open Learner Models by Solmaz Abdi, Hassan Khosravi, Shazia Sadiq and Dragan Gasevic
Short research paper 5D-2 (20 min): “Rethinking time-on-task estimation with outlier detection accounting for individual, time, and task differences by Quan Nguyen
2:30 PM Afternoon tea
Late afternoon sessions 3:00 PM Session 6A: Mining Study Strategies Session 6B: Testing and Assessment Session 6C: Prompts and Feedback Session 6D: Methodological Considerations
Full research paper 6A-1 (30 min): “Prediction of Students’ Assessment Readiness in Online Learning Environments: The Sequence Matters by Donia Malekian, James Bailey and Gregor Kennedy
Full research paper 6B-1 (30 min): “R2DE: a NLP approach to estimating IRT parameters of newly generated questions by Luca Benedetto, Paolo Cremonesi, Andrea Cappelli and Roberto Turrin
Best full research paper nominee
Full research paper 6C-1 (30 min): “How good is my feedback? A Content Analysis of Written Feedback by Anderson Pinheiro Cavalcanti, Arthur Diego, Rafael Ferreira Mello, Katerina Mangaroska, André Nascimento, Fred Freitas and Dragan Gasevic
Full research paper 6D-1 (30 min): “Testing the reliability of inter-rater reliability by Brendan Eagan, Jais Brohinsky, Jingyi Wang and David Williamson Shaffer
Full research paper 6A-2 (30 min): “Analytics of Time Management and Learning Strategies for Effective Online Learning in Blended Environments by Nora’Ayu Ahmad Uzir, Dragan Gašević, Jelena Jovanovic, Wannisa Matcha, Lisa-Angelique Lim and Anthea Fudge
Full research paper 6B-2 (30 min): “How Interdependent is Human Knowledge? Applying Prerequisite Structure Inference to Adaptive Testing by Sam Saarinen, Evan Cater and Michael Littman
Full research paper 6C-2 (30 min): “Understanding Students’ Engagement with Personalised Feedback Messages by Hamideh Iraj, Anthea Fudge, Margaret Faulkner, Abelardo Pardo and Vitomir Kovanović
Best full research paper nominee
Full research paper 6D-2 (30 min): “Constructing and Predicting School Advice for Academic Achievement: A Comparison of Item Response Theory and Machine Learning Techniques by Koen Niemeijer, Remco Feskens, Georg Krempl, Jesse Koops and Matthieu Brinkhuis
Full research paper 6A-3 (30 min): “Combining Analytic Methods to Unlock Sequential and Temporal Patterns of Self-Regulated Learning by John Saint, Dragan Gasevic, Abelardo Pardo, Wannisa Matcha and Nora’Ayu Ahmad Uzir
Full research paper 6B-3 (30 min): “Predicting the Difficulty of Multiple Choice Questions in a High-stakes Medical Exam by Le An Ha, Victoria Yaneva, Peter Baldwin, Janet Mee
ACL SIG-EDU’19 best paper
Short research paper 6C-3 (20 min): “Characterizing and influencing students’ tendency to write self-explanations in online homework by Yuya Asano, Jaemarie Solyst and Joseph Williams
Full research paper 6D-3 (30 min): “Exploration of the Robustness and Generalizability of the Additive Factors Model by Tomas Effenberger, Radek Pelánek and Jaroslav Čechák
6:00 PM Conference dinner at Depot 1899

Friday, March 27, 2020

Time Session A Session B Session C Session D Session E
7:30 AM Registration
8:30 AM Opening remarks
8:45 AM Keynote introduction
9:00 AM Keynote: Professor Allyson Hadwin, The University of Victoria, Canada
10:00 AM Morning tea
Morning sessions 10:30 AM Session 7A: Learning Analytics Past and Future Session 7B: Multi-modal Learning Analytics Session 7C: MOOCs Session 7D: Linking with Self-regulated Learning Theory Session 7E: Keynote Discussion and Panel
Full research paper 7A-1 (30 min): “Which Star Shines Brighter? A Comparative Study between LAK and EDM by Guanliang Chen, Vitor Rolim, Rafael Ferreira Mello and Dragan Gasevic
Full research paper 7B-1 (30 min): “Predicting learners’ effortful behaviour in adaptive assessment using multimodal data by Kshitij Sharma, Zacharoula Papamitsiou, Jennifer Olsen and Michail Giannakos
Full research paper 7C-1 (30 min): “edX Log Data Analysis Made Easy by Manuel Valle Torre, Esther Tan and Claudia Hauff
Full research paper 7D-1 (30 min): “Self-Regulated Learning and Learning Analytics in Online Learning Environments: A Review of Empirical Research by Olga Viberg, Mohammad Khalil and Martine Baars
Keynote QA 7E-1 (30 min): Professor Allyson Hadwin
Short research paper 7A-2 (20 min): “Learning Analytics Challenges: Trade-offs, Methodology, Scalability by Radek Pelánek
Short research paper 7B-2 (20 min): “Detecting learning in noisy data: The case of oral reading fluency by Beata Beigman Klebanov, Anastassia Loukina, John Lockwood, Van Liceralde, John Sabatini, Nitin Madnani, Binod Gyawali, Zuowei Wang and Jennifer Lentini
Short research paper 7C-2 (20 min): “Assessment that matters: Balancing reliability and learner-centered pedagogy in MOOC assessment by Giora Alexandron, Mary Ellen Wiltrout, Aviram Berg and Jose A. Ruiperez-Valiente
Practitioner report 7D-2 (20 min): “Building a Unified Data Platform to Support Metacognition and Self Regulated Learning by John Johnston and Etienne Pelaprat
Panel 7E-2 (60 min): Details TBA
Full research paper 7A-3 (30 min): “From childhood to maturity: Are we there yet?: Mapping the intellectual progress in learning analytics during the past decade by Zacharoula Papamitsiou, Michail Giannakos and Xavier Ochoa
Short research paper 7B-3 (20 min): “Investigating Mathematical Learning and Tutoring Scaffolds Using a Cluster-based Regime-Switching Dynamic Model of Motor Action Coordination in an Embodied Learning Platform by Lu Ou, Alejandro Andrade, Rosa Alberto, Gitte Helden and Arthur Bakker
Short research paper 7C-3 (20 min): “Macro MOOC Learning Analytics: Exploring Trends Across Global and Regional Providers by José A. Ruipérez Valiente, Matt Jenner, Thomas Staubitz, Xitong Li, Tobias Rohloff, Sherif Halawa, Carlos Turro, Yuan Cheng, Jiayin Zhang, Ignacio Despujol and Justin Reich
Full research paper 7D-3 (30 min): “What College Students Say, and What They Do: Aligning Self-Regulated Learning Theory with Behavioral Logs by Joshua Quick, Benjamin Motz, Jamie Israel and Jason Kaetzel
12:00 PM Lunch
Early afternoon sessions 1:00 PM Session 8A: Learning Design Session 8B: Text Analytics Session 8C: Mathematics Learning Session 8D: Predictive Analytics
Full research paper 8A-1 (30 min): “From Theory to Action: Developing and Evaluating LearningAnalytics for Learning Design by Korah Wiley, Yannis Dimitriadis, Allison Bradford and Marcia Linn
Short research paper 8B-1 (20 min): “#Confused and Beyond: Detecting Confusion in Course Forums using Student Annotated Hashtags by Shay Geller, Nicholas Hoernle, Kobi Gal, Marc Facciotti, Avi Segal, Michele Igo, David Karger and Amy Zhang
Full research paper 8C-1 (30 min): “The Automated Grading of Student Open Responses in Mathematics by John Erickson, Anthony F. Botelho, Steven McAteer, Ashvini Varatharaj and Neil Heffernan
Full research paper 8D-1 (30 min): “Predicting Student Performance in Interactive Online Question Pools Using Mouse Interaction Features by Huan Wei, Haotian Li, Meng Xia, Yong Wang and Huamin Qu
Full research paper 8A-2 (30 min): “Disciplinary Differences in Blended Learning Design: A Network Analytic Study by Alexander Whitelock-Wainwright, Yi-Shan Tsai, Kayley Lyons, Svetlana Khalif, Mike Bryant, Kris Ryan and Dragan Gasevic
Full research paper 8B-2 (30 min): “How and How Well Do Dental Students Reflect?: Viability of Multi-Dimensional Automated Reflection Assessment in Health Professions Education by Yeonji Jung and Alyssa Wise
Full research paper 8C-2 (30 min): “Peeking through the Classroom Window : A Detailed Data-Driven Analysis on the Usage of a Curriculum Integrated Math Game in Authentic Classrooms by Preya Shabrina, Ruth Akintunde, Tiffany Barnes, Collin Lynch and Teomara Rutherford
Full research paper 8D-2 (30 min): “Quantifying Data Sensitivity: Precise Demonstration of Care when Building Student Prediction Models by Charles Lang, Charlotte Woo and Jeanne Sinclair
Full research paper 8B-3 (30 min): “Towards Automatic Cross-Language Classification of Cognitive Presence in Online Discussions by Gian Barbosa, Raissa Camelo, Anderson Pinheiro Cavalcanti, Péricles Miranda, Rafael Ferreira Mello, Vitomir Kovanovic and Dragan Gasevic
Full research paper 8C-3 (30 min): “Data-informed Curriculum Sequences for a Curriculum-Integrated Game by Ruth Akintunde, Preya Shabrina, Veronica Catete, Tiffany Barnes, Collin Lynch and Teomara Rutherford
Practitioner report 8D-3 (20 min): “Considerations for amending a whole-institution early-alert system by Rebecca Siddle and Ed Foster
2:30 PM Afternoon tea
3:00 PM Closing Panel: Where will learning analytics be in 2030?
4:00 PM Departure