Local Recommendations

International conferences usually are not limited to the walls of the venue. Frankfurt Solar memebers therefore exchange their recommendations and point to the map of Frankfurt on what you can do and experience before, during or after LAK.

Daniel Biedermann

Food and Restaurants in Frankfurt

“Authenticity can be experienced in Frankfurt’s restaurants. From a location in the forest to one with a view or a long history, there is so much to see and taste. A local speciality is the Grüne-Saucen-Schnitzel, whose ingredients come exclusively from the region and are only available in spring. My general suggestion: Dare to try something new!”

George Cirodas-Hertel

Bars and Fast Food in Frankfurt

“Have you ever had a drink in a old city gate tower or in several hundred meters? This is possible in Frankfurt! If you need a quick bite after a pub crawl, there are also some very remarkable offers far away from fast food chains. Feel free to experience the spirit of Frankfurt at night.”

Jan Schneider

Action in Frankfurt

“I like the action-packed side of Frankfurt. From VR games to ice skating and experiments in Experiminta Science Center, you can find almost everything a researcher could wish for here.”

Oliver Hermann

Cafés and Nightlife in Frankfurt

“I like Frankfurt for meeting people. There are nice cafés, which serve nearly all kinds of coffee. Even on campus there are plenty of possibilities to get a good coffee together with a friend. If you are motivated, Frankfurt is also known for its parties. As former electronic music capital of Europe, they tend to last all night long. Nowadays there are also many mainstream locations that promise a great after-work activity.”

Explore Frankfurt

Sebastian Wollny

“Mainhattan, as the locals call the city in relation to its river, skyline and its similarity to New York City, can be easily explored by a self paced food walk. Starting at the Hauptwache, you can walk through one of Europe’s favorite shopping streets ‘Zeil’ and visit the market hall ‘Kleinmarkthalle’, where the taste of Frankfurt will remain in your memory. The centuries-old architecture can be admired on the Römerberg, which is the town hall square of Frankfurt. Afterwards, the living room of many Frankfurt residents, the river Main, and the local culture in the district ‘Alt-Sachsenhausen’ can be experienced. A walking tour can be rounded off perfectly with a visit in one of Frankfurt’s museums.”

Dana Kube

Drinks in Frankfurt

“The drink of Frankfurt is for sure apple cider. Be aware: Real locals drink it pure and unsweetened, which not everyone likes! Frankfurt’s apple cider hot spot can be found in “Alt-Sachsenhausen” district. By the way: Did you know that Fanta tastes completely different in Germany than in the rest of the world? That’s probably the reason why only here people drink “Spezi”, a mixture together with cola. Anyone who wants to try the German art of brewing will of course find everything his or her heart desires.”

Hendrik Drachsler

Attractions in the Surroundings of Frankfurt

“Frankfurt calls itself ‘The Heart of Europe’ – To find out why, you could take a look at the surroundings of Frankfurt. There are UNESCO world heritage sites, lovely wine yards, old castles and much more to see. If you have some days left in Frankfurt, feel free to explore them. A lot are easily accessible through public transportation. By the way: A must have for LAK is the RMV app or website – Here you can find current connections within the whole Frankfurt – Rhein Main area.”

Atezaz Ahmad

Mountain Hike Tour in Frankfurt

“To get some distance to my projects, I like to make short trips around Frankfurt. One of the most beautiful routes is the Taunus mountain hike. Here you can discover beautiful forests full of history. On the summit you will be rewarded with a great view over Frankfurt and when you reach the base you can reward yourself in a restaurant for what you have done.”

Nina Seidenberg

Attractions in Frankfurt

“Frankfurt has a remarkable history, which can be found everywhere in the city. While walking through the streets, keep your eyes open in order to see it. The city is also known for its countless number of museums. The most impressive is perhaps the Senkenberg Museum. By the way, if you are looking for a great snapshot for your Instagram story, you will find it at the Euro sign.”